Now or Never (やったもん勝ち)

中国深セン在住 日中英トリリンガル型 リモートワーカー

Got inspired

Today, I participated in a fika event via an app, meet up.

It was about eating Swedish pancakes and talking with people who love Sweden or Scandinavian countries. Pancakes were delicious and people were so nice.

It had been a long time not to speak English.
As the time goes by, my English level is going down.


However, at today’s event I had an opportunity to speak and the event was so awesome so that people inspired me to study English and another language again. recently I dream for working abroad. maybe I will be applying for working visa holiday sometimes soon.

But our life doesn't go as smoothly as you expect, of course.
preparing for any unexpected risks, I need to find my strength and field to show people what i can offer them.
Making plans are not what I’m good at, but this time I’ve gotta do this.


Step by step, I need to step forward toward where I wanna go.

This is my life. I will make this happen.